Sunday, 2011 September 18

Ever since I made ribs a few weeks ago, my wife has been asking me to make pulled pork. I did that on Saturday.

It's a lengthy process but one I've done many times before and nothing in it is hard or even very time consuming; just some prep work followed by monitoring the grill's temperature for most of a day. I follow the recipe for "injected and wrapped pork butt" in Dr. BBQ's Big-Time Barbecue Cookbook. Some of the things we already had or did in advance; I had BBQ sauce and rub left over from the ribs and we purchased an 8.25-pound pork shoulder at Bob's Quality Meats earlier in the week.

At 6:00 on Saturday morning I was in the kitchen making the injection liquid and then injecting the pork shoulder. It sat in the fridge for about two hours marinating, then it went onto a 275-degree grill for about six hours. After that it was wrapped in foil and the rest of the injection liquid was added. It then sat on the grill for another two hours, then a short rest, and then it was time to eat. And it was delicious.

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