Sunday, 2011 October 23

At a wedding my wife and I attended recently, one of the entrees was a blue-cheese-stuffed beef tenderloin. My wife absolutely loved it and asked if I could recreate it. I've done stuffed tenderloin in the past and so immediately said "sure".

I started by researching recipes. The intent was simple: make a blue cheese paste, butterfly a beef tenderloin, spread the paste, tie it up, and roast it. The details, however, were somewhat elusive. I only found one promising recipe for a blue-cheese paste. Using it as a base I thought I had everything figured out.

How wrong I was. The "paste" turned out to be very liquid. So liquid that a large portion of it squeezed out when I rolled up the tenderloin. The roasting time I had was also way too short; I basically had to double it, and then ended up overcooking the tenderloin slightly (i.e. it was medium, which in my opinion is way too done for a beautiful cut like a tenderloin).

And yet, with all that, it was still quite tasty. I learned a lot and am really looking forward to making this again and trying to address the issues. Stay tuned.

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