Sunday, 2018 April 22

Being Sunday, a lot of attractions were closed or on reduced hours. This was fine with us - we needed a nice easy day. We took our time in the morning and then headed for the old town after our usual breakfast.

We crossed over the same beautiful bridge as before and started wandering. We didn't really have a plan but noticed that the Museo Nacional de Ceramica y Artes Suntuarias was open. This is often listed as one of the premier attractions in Valencia, but we hadn't yet made it there.

This was surprisingly interesting. Unlike most museums they actually had English-language information cards so we were able to follow along. The exhibits were a bit varied, with a variety of ceramics, art, and ornate rooms.

We left the museum and wandered around the corner to Saint Martin's Urban Irish for a snack and a drink. From there we headed to Corte Ingles, but it was closed. We kept walking.

We ended up at at Mercado Colon, which was full of stalls selling everything from jewelry to food.

We kept walking - there was an ATM nearby and we needed more cash. This brought us to Tran Via del Marques del Turia, which was a busy street with a lot of restaurants. We decided it was time for another drink, so we stopped at St. Patrick's Irish Pub. I think this was about when we decided to spend the afternoon bar hopping.

Our next stop was the N5 Burger Garage. This is an old garage that has been converted into a restaurant, but the decor is heavily garage-themed. We were hungry, so we decided to eat here. I had the duck burger, which was delicious. We both quite enjoyed this place and would probably eat there regularly if we were locals.

As if that wasn't enough, we made one more stop. This was at Restaurante Casa Vela Canovas, which seemed to be a combination wine bar and tapas place. We had a couple small dishes and I had another drink or two.

By this point we'd both had plenty to eat and drink so we decided to head back to the hotel. We relaxed for a while, then I ran out to Consum to get groceries. Unfortunately it was closed (as an American I kept forgetting that not every place would be open on Sundays). I discovered that a Carrefour Express was open, so I walked to it and got everything I needed.

Not having eaten enough, we ordered room service. I had a sandwich and fries. We then just read and relaxed, and I pulled a bunch of pictures off of Krista's camera onto my laptop.

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