Tuesday, 2018 April 24

Today was an easy day. Krista's ankle had steadily gotten worse last night, so we took it nice and slow. We slept in - personally, at least, I actually got a good night's rest. I had decided I'd rather be hot than get eaten alive, so I covered myself and that seemed to keep the bugs away.

We went down for a late (by our standards) breakfast, then headed over towards the old town. We wandered up and down a lot of alleys, stopped in a lot of shops, wandered through the Mercat Municipal Placa Redona, and generally played at being tourists. I managed to retrace our steps from the previous Monday and Krista was able to buy the necklace she had looked at and almost bought then.

We also went back to Mercado Centro and bought a few things there, mostly gifts and souvenirs. I took a bunch more pictures with my cell phone; this was the only day in which I think Krista didn't take pictures with her big camera.

We stopped for a couple drinks at a cafe near Parque de la Mare de Deu; I think it was the Petit Bistro Plaza de la Virgen, but I'm not sure.

We walked up to look at the Palace of the Borgias, because we'd been seeing signs for it. We both expected it to be some sort of museum, but it's actually a government building with relatively tight security. We sat down across from it at 100 Montaditos and had a few drinks while researching the palace. The conclusion was that you need to arrange for entrance in advance, so we decided to abandon that quest.

We wandered around some more, then ended up at an El Corte Ingles. It had nothing but clothing and accessories, which seemed really weird to me since we'd been in another one that had everything.

Krista's ankle was really acting up at this point so we made our way back to the hotel. I did some more research and discovered that El Corte Ingles actually has two stores near one another in that area and we needed to go to the other one.

We went down to El Jardi for supper. I had a nice steak, Krista had a nice salad.

After we got back to our room we decided to take it easy tomorrow as well and not push Krista's ankle. We postponed Sagunto until Thursday.

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