Friday, 2018 April 27

The front desk had ordered an early-morning taxi for us (I think it was coming at 4 or 4:30). Neither of us slept very well so we got up at 2:30. We got ready, finished packing, and headed down to the lobby.

The desk clerk spent quite a bit of time talking with us - I think he was bored, because there was absolutely nothing else going on.

The taxi ride to the airport was another adventure. I swear that our driver and another taxi driver were racing - I don't know what it is about driving Spanish cabs that attracts maniacs, but that was certainly our experience.

The security lines at the airport were crazy - not particularly long, but very disorganized. It wasn't clear to either of us what the protocol was supposed to be, so we just kind of forced our way into the lines like everyone else. I took my laptop out of my backpack but left everything else (Kindle, tablet, etc) in it and was fine. Krista, on the other hand, got yelled at for not taking out all of her electronics. It really felt like everyone, security screeners included, were making it up as they went.

Once we were through security we went to our gate, which didn't have enough seating and was also quite disorganized. The flight boarded and left on time, though.

We got into Frankfurt and had to pass through EU customs again. There was a terrible backup and no clear direction on where the lines where and who could use which line (EU citizens vs. everyone else). We basically ended up once again just forcing our way through. Luckily we had plenty of time before our next flight.

Once we got to the gate, Krista decided she wanted a pretzel from a vendor. It wasn't great; I think she thought that every pretzel everywhere in Germany would be good.

The flight home was uneventful - we were in business class again, which was still nice. We took a taxi home from Seatac. I mowed the lawn that afternoon, since it was an absolute jungle, but that was about all we did.

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