I've been a subscriber to Asimov's Science Fiction since sometime in the early 1990s; either late junior high or early high school. I can never remember which authors I consistently enjoy, nor which stories deserve to be voted for in the Readers' Awards poll. I decided to kill both birds with one stone by starting to write mini-reviews here.

Note that I have this bad habit of putting a magazine down and then not getting back to it for months, and that was the case here. I'm starting my reviews for this issue from where I picked it back up.

I am also quite backlogged at the moment; I'm hoping to catch back up over the course of 2020.

Ventiforms, by Sean Monaghan

The Gorgon, by Jay O'Connell

Salting the Mine, by Peter Wood

Taking Icarus Home, by Suzanne Palmer

I then took another break to read some books.

Neom, by Lavie Tidhar

The Esteemed, by Robert Reed

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