Usual disclaimer: I'm hopelessly far behind on Asimov's Science Fiction; I'm actually writing this review in the March-of-2021 timeframe. I know I said maybe I'd catch up in 2020; maybe I'll catch up in 2021 instead.

This issue featured a tribute to Gardner Dozois, the long-time editor of the magazine. I knew of him primarily as an editor, both in the context of this magazine as well as various "year's best" anthologies. I hadn't realized he was also widely respected as an author within the science fiction community, but had put his own writing career on hold due to his success as an editor. Based on the various tributes, I suspect I would not have liked him in person, but I very much respect his work.

Peacemaker, by Gardner Dozois

Instantiation, by Greg Egan

Tourists, by Rammel Chan

Eighteen Songs by Debussy, by Michael Swanwick

How I Found Harry's All-Night Hamburgers, by Lawrence Watt-Evans

Terrible Trudy on the Lam, by Eileen Gunn

January March, by Tom Purdom

The Starry Sky Over the Southern Isle, by Zhao Haihong

Transport, by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Isla Tiburon, by Alex Irvine

The Lights Go Out, One by One, by Kofi Nyameye

Mr. Death Goes to the Beach, by Jack Dann

The Lost Testament, by Allen M. Steele

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