Saturday, 2019 July 13

I pushed an update this morning (I'm trying to backfill some blog posts I've been woefully late in writing) and discovered that once again a coredns pod had gone south.

% kubectl describe endpoints --namespace=kube-system kube-dns
Name:         kube-dns
Namespace:    kube-system
Labels:       k8s-app=kube-dns
    Name     Port  Protocol
    ----     ----  --------
    dns      53    UDP
    dns-tcp  53    TCP
    metrics  9153  TCP


Deleting the bad pod (it's recreated automatically) "fixes" the problem for at least some length of time.

This is not something that used to happen, so I suspect some relatively recent update is triggering it. Now that I know what to look for I'm going to start paying much closer attention and see if I can track down the root cause.

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