Saturday, 2019 September 21

Krista and I were ready to go early. The towncar showed up right around 7, just as we'd scheduled. This was the second time we'd used NG Towncar, and both times we've had an excellent experience (with the same driver both times; unfortunately I haven't yet caught his name). Highly recommended.

When we'd booked the flights to and from Detroit, Krista had talked me out of first class; instead we went with premium economy. I came to my senses a few weeks ago and tried to upgrade, but unfortunately couldn't upgrade the Seattle-to-Detroit leg. It'd been a while since I hadn't flown first class domestically on Delta, and this flight reminded me why that is. It's not that there was anything unusually bad about the trip - there wasn't - but just the knowledge of how much better the trip could have been in first class got to me.

We picked up our rental car from Alamo's DTW location. We got a Nissan Pathfinder - it's embarrassing how much luggage we "need" for two weeks in Europe - so that we'd have enough room. Krista absolutely loved this vehicle, so much so that we were joking about her "cheating" on her Jeep Cherokee.

We got to Toledo eventually, after a little detour caused by a backup on I-75. We spent about an hour hanging out with Krista's best friend Kelly, her husband Jim, their four kids (Krista's godchildren), and the godfather (Greg - another long-time friend).

We had reservations at 8 at Mancy's Steakhouse. I've eaten there a few times before, but never before have I ordered the aged prime New York Strip. It was without a doubt one of the best steaks I've ever had - absolutely delicious.

We spent several hours catching up and having a good time. After we left Mancy's we headed straight to our hotel, the Holiday Inn Express on Secor Road in Toledo. I was uncomfortably full so it took me a while to fall asleep and it turned out to be a short night.

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