Sunday, 2019 September 29

After the crazy night, I actually slept pretty well. As was usual, I woke up for a while around 0030 but did get back to sleep. Saturday nights in Nuremberg seem kind of crazy - it had been loud when we went to bed and it was still loud after midnight - but that didn't really disturb either of us. Krista slept well as well.

Despite the good night's sleep, we were both moving pretty slow when we got up. We met Dad for breakfast, which was almost identical to the one in Cologne (and the same price as well). Dad and I were generally okay with it, but Krista was starting to get sick of overpriced breakfasts at which she couldn't even get soda unless she paid extra. She lobbied to go somewhere else, but I looked briefly and it seemed like the only places serving American-style breakfasts were hotels. She just decided to tough it out.

Dad had woken up stiff and sore and it took a while for him to get himself stretched out. He decided he'd join us though. After a bit of discussion we decided on Rick Steves' walking tour. This started at the Frauentorturm (one of the gate towers from the original city wall), which was conveniently located right across the street from our hotel.

The tour proceeded up Konigstrasse street and went by a fair number of the main old-town attractions.

After crossing the Pegnitz river, we went through the old market. Dad was getting tired so he sat it out. Krista bought one or two items. We were all ready for a break so we sat down at Block House for snacks and drinks (apparently this is a chain, but they have a restaurant right on the market square).

Fortified after our break, we headed uphill via Haupmarkt (the name changes a few times) towards the old imperial castle. The castle itself is quite high up and Krista didn't see any need to enter it; instead, we cut left (west) towards the town wall.

Krista and I left Dad in a shady spot and we explored the wall and the castle gardens a bit. The gardens were very nice - very peaceful, and a lot of people were taking advantage of them to read or relax.

There's a little square, off of which is the Albrecht Durer museum. I had never heard of him - apparently he was a German printmaker who is quite well known. Dad, who actually studied printing in high school, was quite familiar with him. We didn't enter the museum itself, but this area is surrounded by shops selling reproductions of his prints, etc.

We cut back away from the town wall, via Albrecht Durer Strasse, then wandered back towards the wall. Our last stop on the tour was the Chain Bridge. Immediately before this, however, in a little park area, was another biergarten. We decided we needed more refreshments, so we stopped and watched the world go by for a while.

This was the last stop on the tour (which was really good - I highly recommend it). Dad was getting tired, so we worked our way back towards the hotel. Once we got close we decided to stop for some food. None of us really wanted to make a decision so I panic-stopped at the Burgerheart near our hotel. This was a mistake - the food was decent but not great, and the place was too loud. It served its purpose, though.

Dad was done, so he headed back to the hotel. Krista and I were also pretty tired, but we walked through Handwerkerhof Nurnberg - this is an enclosed area around one of the old towers that was historically used for customs. I thought it was a tourist trap; it turns out Krista thought it was really charming. We didn't spend much time there though.

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