Tuesday, 2019 October 01

We went through the normal morning routine. Dad thought he'd slept better last night and was less stiff and sore today. I thought I'd slept better as well - maybe we're finally adapting to these beds.

We met in the lobby about 30 minutes after finishing breakfast. We headed straight for the Transport Museum, which is all about trains. Dad was moving slow but made it, both to the museum and all through it.

I absolutely loved this museum; I would have spent more time there, but I knew Dad and Krista were both bored (and I found them waiting in the lobby when I finally finished). If you're fascinated by large machines, I highly recommend this museum.

Next we headed to the German National Museum, which is on the same street as the transport museum and only a few blocks away. Dad decided he couldn't make it, though, so he split off and headed back to the hotel.

Both Krista and I really enjoyed this museum. It's very random, but there is a lot of cool stuff in it. There's also a really nice little cafe in the basement; we stopped there for refreshments before tackling the second floor.

We got back to the hotel about 1510 and stopped at the front desk to ask for restaurant recommendations. Their top suggestion was the Pfefferstrube, the very same place we'd gone yesterday. When we asked for something else, they gave us a handout with ten suggestions on it. We settled on Restaurant Nassauer Keller zu Nurnberg", which was across from St. Lorenz.

We collected Dad and headed towards the restaurant. It's in a basement (hence "Keller" in the name), with very steep stairs that were very hard for Dad to navigate. As soon as we got to the bottom, the host told us that we had to have reservations and there was "no chance" of getting in. Really? It's 1630 in the afternoon and the place is completely empty. This was infuriating, and I would have argued had the host spoken better English (or if I spoke German). Instead we turned around and helped Dad climb back up the stairs. I don't care how good the food is at this place, I'd never give them a dime of business.

We tried another recommended restaurant (Boehms Herrenkeller), which was close by, but it wasn't open yet. We ended up deciding to go back to the Pfefferstrube; Krista wasn't enthusiastic because she hadn't liked her meal yesterday, but Dad and I outvoted her.

Luckily this time she really enjoyed her meal - cheese spaetzle, sausage, and a pretzel. Dad and I both got pork roasts and potato dumplings. These were also delicious.

Krista headed back to the hotel. Dad and I stayed for a while longer because I wanted one more beer. They misunderstood and brought Dad one too; I finished mine but he left part of his. After that we headed back to the hotel.

Krista and I spent some time repacking everything in preparation for traveling tomorrow, then we chilled for a while.

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