Friday, 2019 October 04

Krista and I were both up early - thanks a lot, jetlag. We laid there for a while but eventually got moving. I woke up with a headache, which was probably due to a combination of too much wine the night before, caffeine withdrawal, stress, and general fatigue. My cold was still hanging on, too.

We made it down for breakfast soon after the buffet opened. It was a small spread (at least compared to the buffets in Europe) but serviceable, so I ate a lot.

Soon after we ate we checked out and got back on I-94. It was an uneventful drive. We returned the car, then took the shuttle to the terminal.

We dropped our bags off in the parking garage - I love that baggage drop - and there was only a short line in front of us. Thanks to precheck we only had a short security line to deal with as well. While air travel still sucks, having precheck and flying first class makes it less bad.

We chilled at the gate until it was time to board. Our flight was uneventful; I didn't really manage to get any sleep other than a ten- or twenty-minute nap, so I got a lot of reading done.

My headache was coming and going all day, but it eventually went away to stay at some point on the flight.

We landed, got our bags (quickly, which is always a pleasant surprise in Seattle), then took a taxi home. We unpacked, relaxed, ate a very easy supper of frozen pizza, and then called it a night. We had had symphony tickets but neither one of us wanted to leave the house, so we just skipped it.

Thursday, 2019 October 03