Friday, 2020 March 13

I'd been working from home for a while already due to COVID-19; this proved to be very useful in terms of trip preparation (as well as in terms of my general preference for working from home). I was able to do laundry and get fully packed over the course of the day.

Krista, unfortunately, wasn't able to work from home. She was able to come home early, though, so she was also able to be ready to leave early.

We had scheduled a 1930 pickup from our favorite town car service. The driver texted us at 1845 that he was on his way. He arrived right around 1915; he's always been about fifteen minutes early, which I appreciate both from a consistency as well as a promptness standpoint.

He loaded our bags while Krista set the alarm, and we were on our way. Traffic was visibly light and we arrived at the airport quickly. We walked right up to the baggage counter (there were multiple agents available), then walked right through the precheck line at security. This was probably the fastest we've ever made it through to our gate at SEA (or possibly any other airport).

We ate supper at Africa Lounge. The service was not particularly good even by airport standards, but the food was actually surprisingly decent. I had a beef dip sandwich with fries while Krista had a burger. I also had beer; this is, after all, part of my pre-trip routine.

Our flight was supposed to be leaving at 0005 on Saturday morning. The pilots were ready to go, but the flight crew was delayed getting in from Las Vegas. They announced that that flight wouldn't arrive until about 0025 and our flight would be delayed until around 0100. We had about 90 minutes for our connection in Minneapolis, so this was enough to make Krista nervous.

There were no further announcements even as 0025 came and went, so Krista was getting quite worried. About 0030 or 0035 the flight crew finally arrived; we boarded and I fell asleep almost immediately. I don't even remember pushing back from the gate or taking off.

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