Friday, 2020 March 20

I didn't have a great night - I woke up around 0100 and was awake for a while, unable to get comfortable due to my inability to stop scraping my sunburnt knees against the sheets. Finally my knees stopped hurting quite so much, or I stopped moving quite so much, and I was able to get back to sleep until about 0500. I started reading at that point, although I had a hard time getting out of bed.

It was gray and windy when we got up; the water was quite rough, and looked very high. It was still gorgeous to look out over the ocean, though.

We just had room service for breakfast; my "americano" breakfast was quite good, and Krista finally got to try the eggs benedict.

Our plan for today was pretty much to pack, relax, and do as little as possible. We got a strong start on that right after breakfast. I basically spent the entire morning working on this blog, plus a few other odds-and-ends, while Krista read. We'd occasionally head out to the deck to check out the view.

It steadily cleared off throughout the morning, and by noon it was quite sunny. It would have been nice to go outside, but after both of us overdosed on sun yesterday we decided to stay inside as much as possible.

We had a very nice afternoon reading, watching TV, and occasionally going outside to watch the crabs, pelicans, and other birds. We also both packed up; I was able to get all of the souvenirs into my suitcases without any trouble.

We decided to just order room service again for supper. I ordered the ribeye steak and Krista ordered the angus burger. When the order arrived it was two burgers; this was fine with me, although I was bummed that they got the side dish right and gave me mashed potatoes instead of fries. Oh well. I was surprisingly hungry and wolfed it all down.

Previously they had been giving me small 187.5ml bottles of Santa Rita 120 Reserva Especial. This was too oaky for my taste, but was otherwise a decent wine. Tonight, though, they gave me a full 750ml bottle of "Virtuoso Cabernet Sauvignon Reservado". It was the same wine as the restaurant served last night. It was just as sweet and jammy as I remembered; it was also only 8% alcohol, which explains why I never really even noticed it last night or tonight.

After supper we resumed aggressively relaxing until bedtime.

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